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TransformEssence Skin Nutrition Cream rejuvenates your skin with all natural, organic, nutritional, healing, and spiritual ingredients that produce visible long-lasting results.

TransformEssence Rejuvenation Cream restores your skin with all natural, organic, nutritional, healing, and spiritual ingredients that produce visible long-lasting results.TransformEssence™
Transforming Cream

Alchemical Rejuvenation Miracle
& Tool for Transformation

The formula for this spiritual, metaphysical and revolutionary anti-aging cream was created using secrets revealed by Ascended Master Saint Germain, The Master Alchemist.

TransformEssence™ Transforming Cream restores and rejuvenates your skin with all natural, organic, nutritional, healing, and spiritual ingredients that produce visible, magical, transformational, and long-lasting results. It also assists with personal & planetary Ascension by raising your vibrational frequency.

TransformEssence™ Transforming Cream, containing 89 ingredients, has more active ingredients than any other anti-aging cream, including ones costing up to $500 per ounce. It contains: Powerful Anti-Oxidants An Amino Acid Blend All Beneficial to Skin Vitamins & Minerals 5 AHAs Healing Botanicals 16 Essential Oils ORMUS 3 Gem Elixirs Copper & Zinc Peptides Soy Protein 5 Nutritional Oils Shea Butter Hyaluronic Acid DMAE CoQ10 The Violet Flame And much more!

All herbs, fruits, oils, vegetables and flowers used are organic.
All vitamins are natural, not "lab chemicals". Very Concentrated - NO fillers.

No Animal Products -- No Animal Testing!

Our Testers and Customers Have Experienced:
Visible Youthing!
Softer, smoother skin
Reduction of lines & wrinkles
Fading of dark circles
Peace & calmness

Firmer, tighter skin
Vibrant Skin & Aura
Reduction of puffy eyes
Fading of age spots
Reduction of spider veins
Elevation of mood
Sense of well-being
Reduction of stress
Reduction of scars
Improved skin tone & texture

TransformEssence™ Transforming Cream contains precious essential oils and gem elixirs of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Celestite, that help to raise one's frequency and vibration. It may assist in opening the crown and heart chakras. Our proprietary blend of 16 essential oils is composed of oils that are very healing for the skin, as well as having aromatherapy and spiritual properties. Included are all the major sacred oils, such as Spikenard, Frankincense, and rare, Immortelle, the Oil of Immortality!

TransformEssence™ Transforming Cream is truly a Tool of Transformation on many levels and dimensions. Our testers, some aware of the spiritual aspects and others simply trying a "cream", have all been astonished by their results. They have literally watched their faces youthing before their eyes. It is equally suitable for men and women.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A FEW TESTIMONIALS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The regenerating and reparative skin care formulas created by Troika St. Germain are among the most expertly crafted in the industry. Not only brilliantly formulated, they are energetically balanced to be gentle, nurturing, and visibly rejuvenating. I highly recommend them on their own and as part of a comprehensive rejuvenation program. - Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, leading expert on medical rejuvenation and CEO of Gematria

These are amazing times and new, high-vibrational products are beginning to appear on the screen of Life to assist Humanity with our physical transformation. TRANSFORMESSENCE TRANSFORMING CREAM is one of those products.-- Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, AZ

Thank you for all that you do to foster healing and rejuvenation on this planet in THE LIFETIME THAT COUNTS THE MOST! -- Julianne, CA

I love TransformEssence and Time Warp. They make me look young again! -- Erik Berglund, CA

The skin care products are almost unbelievable. I not only could feel the improvement immediately, but my friends noticed, too. One friend commented that she thought the new makeup I am using is so complimentary, when I had no makeup on at all! Thank you. -- Patty F, Delaware

This cream has a high vibratory frequency, a natural fragrance, and a lovely texture. It is a gift to the world from the Higher Dimensions and has to be one of the finest products available anywhere in the world today. -- Joanna Cherry, CA

I wanted to give the transforming cream a good try before letting you know how much I just love it! I used a little within 5 minutes of picking up the mail. It was still cold, almost frozen, from being in the mailbox all morning. It felt as if my face opened up. I could feel the energy working on this closed up old gal and life is brighter these days. So far, I just love it and it really doesn't take much at all. The small half ounce size is going to last me quite awhile. When folks start asking me why I look so bright I will definitely be hooking them up! Thanks for sharing this sun shiny gift! -- Michelle, WY

In a word, it's FABULOUS! I used it on half of my face, to really be able to see if it made a difference. The TransformEssence side had a glow after the first application! At first I thought I was imagining it, but no, it was true. I was glowing on half my face! My skin FEELS magnificent. This cream feels like skin FOOD, or NUTRITION! My skin feels so soft and young and clean, also, tighter and firmer. -- Kathy, CT

TransformEssence delivers what it promises. My skin is softer than it's been in years. It's no longer flaky and dry. The fine lines are diminished, and my skin glows. The scent reminds me of a day at the beach, and has a gentle, calming effect on me. I know I look younger, and I feel good when I look in the mirror. -- Sabra J, WA

This is the best stuff that anybody ever made! It is of great value, worth every penny, and I love it! -- Robert, MO

Linda from Aussie here, just to say thank you for the cream. I was over the moon when it arrived and have not stopped using it. The day after I used the cream I had strong heart beats and knew it was opening up my heart chakra, so I was really pleased, now a few weeks on I find that I am in tune with a lot more things, trees, myself, etc. I am also finding that I am healing a lot faster than I use to. My energy level has been raised a lot higher. This is a transforming cream, and I get the impression that it assist people how ever they need it. I say thank you for being open enough to receive this wonder cream. I am one really happy customer, now and in the future, I look forward to the next gift that you share with us.

We have sold out of TransformEssence.

We are expecting new stock in early May or sooner.
Thank you for understanding.

2 OZ. JAR -- $88
2 oz. jars provide approximately 3-4 months of daily use with correct application.

1/2 OZ. JAR -- $30
1/2 oz. jars provide approximately 3-4 weeks of daily use with correct application.

Please use the shopping cart to pay by Check or Money Order to figure shipping charges.
Please make your check or money order payable to: Saint Germain.

Click Here for wholesale pricing information for retail stores, spiritual centers, and heath practitioners.

Legal Disclaimer: The use of this product is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Nothing listed on this Website, or in any literature which might accompany the product(s), should be considered as medical advice for any problem or ailment. One should consult their health care professional for individual guidance on specific health problems. People with serious medical conditions should always seek professional care before using any product. Pregnant and lactating women should always consult their medical professional before using any product containing Vitamin A or Retinol.

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